Hip-Hop Rumors: Was The Source Mag Tim Dog’s Pawn?

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I forgot that The Source Magazine was the entity that broke the Tim Dog story! Now, that the bottom is falling out from beneath that story, a lot of PURE CRAP is coming out. You know all the stories of faked death. Apparently, the magazine got a tip on the Dog’s death and ran with it without verifying the death with anybody credible. The Source has claimed that they have not fallen back off the news that they broke, but that a relaunch of the site killed all their old content. Hard to believe. If they did, certainly it would be imported at some time. BUT, The Source stands by their story, citing an unnamed family member:

“From the beginning, we just wanted a quiet thing. We didn’t want all this media attention. Me being his cousin, with Tim’s brother and sisters, I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries if…

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2 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Rumors: Was The Source Mag Tim Dog’s Pawn?

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